Announcements for Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020

A limited number of blessed palms will be available throughout the day on Palm Sunday in the church.

A novena to the Divine Mercy will start on Good Friday. Copies of the novena will be available in the church in advance of the novena.

The Litany of the Sacred Heart will be prayed by Cardinal Gomez on Good Friday at 11:00 am Central Time, and all who pray the same litany then may receive a plenary indulgence under the following conditions:

  1. true repentance for your sins
  2. confession your sins at your earliest opportunity
  3. pray for the intentions of the pope

Please remember that Bishop Paprocki has encouraged us to make spiritual communions. During these unusual weeks which lie ahead please do not let you or your family deteriorate spiritually. Remember the old sayings which apply especially to the youth: idle hands are the devil's workshop, and an idle mind is the devil's playground. Extra time is such a blessing! Now is the time for healthy family time, common praying of the rosary, common meals, and recreation together as a family. Board and card games are much better for building the family than are electronic games. The internet is not a safe babysitter. Now is also a good time for everyone to make their way through one or more wholesome books. It is important to accept the current situation out of respect for the common good, while also seeing it as coming to our civilization from the hands of God. Resignation to the will of God is an important lesson to pass along to youth at this time. Life never will be the way we want it to be, but it will always be good for our souls if we accept things in the right way.

Thank you to all who are giving support money to the parish, even though the parish is not able to do as much as it usually does for you. Those who have urgent needs are encouraged to make them known to the parish.